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Congratulations Sanchit and Greyhound Knowledge Group! Success speaks for itself! All the best for future.

Jayesh Pajwani, Director, Tetherfi


From a Napoleon to a bunch of Spartans, that’s how I’ve seen Greyhound Knowledge Group grow. Well done Sanchit and team. All the very best!

Anshul Bahl


Congratulations Sanchit and Greyhound Knowledge Group. For being bold. Different. Candid. Ingenious. And so popular, so soon :-)

Suyog Shetty, Director, Virtusa

Suyog Shetty, Virtusa

Greyhound Research gives a holistic, unbiased and neutral perspective on developments across the board with regard to technology. This is something not present in other research outfits who tend to specialize in certain areas such as gadgets, emerging technologies or outsourcing…this is commendable.

Venkatesh Ganesh, Hindu Business Line


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