Adobe Systems today announced the launch of the Adobe Creative Cloud in India, giving creative professionals a chance to experience a new way of accessing Adobe’s iconic tools and services.

Creative Cloud is a membership-based service that provides users with unlimited access to download and install all Creative Suite desktop applications, Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge tools and services; game developer tools and integration with Photoshop Touch apps. Creative Cloud members will get access to Adobe’s latest products, services, features and workflows as soon as they are available. This model enables members to automatically receive updates as and when they become available in the release cycle.

The company announced a very promotional pricing that works out to be approximately Rs 2,885 per month for its Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT) offering targeted at teams and SMB customer base. The regular pricing for CCT would work out to be approximately Rs 4,040 per month once the promotions end on April 30, 2013. Additionally the members also get cloud storage of 100GB (per CCT user) along with the ability to sync to any device enabling them to access files anywhere anytime.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is available at approximately Rs 48,480 per user for a one-year plan through Adobe’s network of resellers. Users who prefer to have channel partner to manage seats on behalf of your organisation should buy through a reseller via Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Customers can buy at the special introductory price of Rs 34620 per user for a one-year plan till April 30th, 2013.

The company also announced its plan to launch the Creative Cloud for Individuals (CCI) offering in India in the near future through its online store. CCI users will be able to avail monthly/annual membership and get 20 GB of cloud storage along with all the major features of Creative Cloud.

Umang Bedi, Managing Director–South Asia, Adobe said that since its release in the US in April 2012, the creative sector has responded enthusiastically. “We’ve seen an incredible uptake, with more than one million individuals in the US and globally joining Adobe Creative Cloud. With the easy availability of our products through the Creative Cloud and the attractive price points we do see a significant impact on the piracy rate of our products,” he said.

Available immediately Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams is tailored for small and medium businesses. It offers all the features in Creative Cloud, plus administrative tools, increased storage capacity, and expert services. It includes tools for easy management of virtual workgroups, expert support services, centralised administration for quick and easy deployment of new seats, centralised billing and efficient license management.

Sanchit Vir Gogia said, “With its subscription-based pricing model, Creative Cloud brings down the total cost of ownership for creative professionals and organisations. It also takes away the headache from organizations who want to stay updated to current versions of creative tools and leverage product innovation as and when they are introduced. Both these factors will likely change the dynamics in favor of Adobe India in the time to come.”


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