“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.” – Debby Boone


How did it all begin? And Why As Disruptive As IT Gets?

Dreamt, founded and seeded by our Chief Analyst, Sanchit Vir Gogia, As Disruptive As IT Gets started in the midst of crossfire and change. Crossfire was between his heart and mind. While his heart said, believe and get started, the mind said, experiment first and then plunge. And the need for Change was the flavour of the season. This gave enough and more reasons for our Chief Analyst to disrupt the status quo in the analyst world and experiment with an independent source of opinions, perspectives and guidance for IT Decision Makers. Hence the birth of As Disruptive As IT Gets.

How has the journey been so far?

The website was well received since the start – In 30 days of existence, the website had received 1800 views from 40 countries. And within three months, we had touched over 50 countries. This was the tipping point and what gave confidence to our Chief Analyst to set out on the entrepreneurial journey. Hence, Greyhound Research was born.

Over time the insights portal has grown to become the backbone of opinions, perspectives and actionable guidance for IT Decision Makers on a range of Technology Transformation topics. 

As Disruptive As IT Gets has been ranked #10 in top 20 most influential writers, publications, pioneers and tech Zen masters across the globe in 2014. The portal was also ranked as world’s #30 Must-Read IT Insights Portal by BizTech in 2013.

Today, we are read by 100,000+ CxOs and 10 million consumers in over 125 countries. But this is not all. Read below for more.

Since inception in April 2013, the Greyhound Knowledge Group brand has grown to 5 specialist companies including Greyhound Sculpt (Business Transformation Research & Advisory), Greyhound Research (Technology Transformation Research & Advisory), Greyhound Technocrat (Leadership Transformation Research & Advisory) & Greyhound Vivo (People Transformation Research & Advisory).

To learn more about our journey, please read our corporate blog, Greyhound Corridors.

Want some more numbers to gauge our performance? Read on…

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Why do IT Decision Makers and others in the technology ecosystem read As Disruptive As IT Gets?

We are truly Independent and Transparent. Unlike many of our peers who continue to offer vendor-sponsored research, we stand against it. We strictly do not undertake vendor sponsored, co-branded research in any shape or form. No whitepapers et al. Yes, we do work with IT & Telecom vendors but instead offer distribution rights for our independently-authored research reports.

We are inclusive and seek community participation. We at Greyhound Research truly believe that exchange of ideas helps drive innovations. Hence, our decision to establish an invite-only community of IT decision makers called as ‘Greyhound Golden Gate’. To learn more on how you can enrol in the community or use it to capture insights, please reach out to us on connect@greyhoundgroup.com and the team will be happy to walk you through the details of the program.

We truly believe in knowledge sharing. Yes, we truly do, and we a very serious about it. Currently, we are championing two key initiatives. The first one is a knowledge sharing series called ONTrigger – as part of this campaign, we interview the movers and shakers of the technology world. Second is a campaign where we share key snippets of insights from some of our latest work – we call this Greyhound Standpoint. You may also search these campaigns on Twitter using hashtags, #ONTrigger and #GreyhoundStandpoint.

And many other great reasons! For more, check out the Testimonials and the Greyhound Corridors page.

How to make the most of As Disruptive As IT Gets?

We have organised all of our insights in a way that allows you to better filter and read what works best for you. To access scores of Free, Freemium and Premium Insights spread across 10 Digital Transformation Priorities, 3 Digital Transformation Outcomes, 14 Industry Verticals, 12 IT Decision Maker Roles, 7 Geographies, by Brand (Company Name), by 3 Genre (Insights type) and by Analyst, please use the drop-down menu above.

Have further questions for us?

Our Client Centricity team will be pleased to answer any queries that you might have. To reach out, please email us on connect@greyhoundgroup.com or else fill out the right form.